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Upgrades to Ovals Yet No Sporting Hub

GrassMember for Giles Eddie Hughes says despite the grants to upgrade Bennett and Memorial Ovals, Whyalla still needs it’s own sport hub.

The Marshall Government recently announced it will invest $900,000 to renovate the two ovals in Whyalla, while Mr Hughes says it’s disappointing that the 'state government is neglecting codes other than AFL and cricket.’  

Mr Hughes went on to say Whyalla’s current facilities are substandard and the funding is short of what will ultimately be needed for the community.

"Whyalla will soon be the only major regional centre without a modern sport hub or hubs, [and] many of our facilities are very dated," Mr Hughes said.

"Every other major regional community has been able to implement contemporary sport hubs with funding from local, state and federal governments.”

SA Labor pledged $6 million to upgrade sporting facilities in Whyalla when they went to the last election.