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Lions Football Club 40 Year Reunion


It’ll be a special weekend for the PropRisdon Lions Football Club as they celebrate the 40-year premiership reunion.

They take on Central Augusta tomorrow, the club Proprietary Panthers beat in the 1977 grand final, the same club Risdon beat in a one-point decider in the 1979 grand final.

To celebrate the occasion, the Lions A grade will wear a Proprietary guernsey during the first half of the game, and a Risdon design in the second.

The names of the winning team members have been printed on both of the ‘Tribute Guernseys’ as well, a special touch for a momentous occasion.

President of Lions Football Club Rod Gordon says it should be a great day and night of celebration. 

“We’ll have a big marquee set up at the football, then we’ll have some presentations in the club on Saturday night, it should be very interesting,” he said.

Past and present players, officials, families and supporters are invited to watch the game tomorrow at Memorial Oval in Pirie.

The days proceedings are below.

SATURDAY at Memorial Oval

Proprietary / Risdon Lions Vs Central Augusta - 2:25pm

Matches begin 9.15am Under 15s, Under 18s, B Grade & A Grade

1977 & 1979 Premiership Players have 1st option to buy Guernsey

"40 Year" Echo Holders for Sale & "40 Year" Bottles of Port for Sale

SATURDAY NIGHT at the Clubrooms

Presentation of the 1977 & 1979 Premiership Teams

Leftover Guernseys Auctioned

Photo: Facebook