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Startup weekend begins tonight in Whyalla


Whyalla’s new ‘Innovation & Collaboration Centre (ICC)’ will host the first Techstars Startup Weekend since 2017 thanks to the support of The University of South Australia.

The first session will begin tonight at five thirty and will see participants working on business models, in a competitive environment.
The aim will be to take away the skills required to make the participants entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

A varied and expert team of entrepreneurs from across the globe will be assisting and supporting the participants ahead of their end of course presentations to a panel of judges.

Techstars Startup Weekend: Friday 6 September 5.30pm - Sunday 8 September 6.00pm (ICC will close at 11pm each evening).

Where: Innovation & Collaboration Centre Whyalla (Building L), 111 Nicolson Avenue, Whyalla Norrie