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Extreme Heat Expected This Week

hot sun with clouds

Temperatures are set to soar this week in regional South Australia!

With Sky News announcing there is potential for temperatures to reach as high as 50 degrees next week due to a very hot airmass will engulf South Australia.

A cool change on the west coast is expected to push the intense heat further east, causing South Australia to face searing temperatures back to back.

Parts of South Australia is forecast to reach the mid to high 40’s, with a chance of inland towns hitting 50 degrees for the first time in more than two decades.

Tom Saunders, Chief Meteorologist has said that, “Part of the reason we are seeing these temperatures is due to the drought. Because the ground is so dry, it heats up faster when the sun hits it, when there is moisture in the soil, that moisture has to evaporate and evaporation is what cools down the surface. When there’s no moisture in the ground, it leads to higher temperatures.”

“It shouldn’t be quite as hot for coastal parts of South Australia, with sea breezes keeping the coastal areas a little bit cooler. Towns such as Whyalla and further south will be even cooler.”

When asked when we can expect a cool change across the region, Mr Saunders said “Late Friday evening, or even early Saturday.”

Sky News have predicted that, “If we don't break 50 degrees next week, it's quite likely at least one town in Australia will before the end of January.”