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Port Augusta’s Westside Jetty Update


Port Augusta City Council have provided an update on the Westside Jetty which was reported as ‘not feasible or economically viable to repair’ by Magryn and Associates Pty Ltd in February this year.

Council stated, “Several pylons are severely degraded and completely separated. The Jetty was non-compliant with Australian Standards for Access and Mobility, and the jetty was deemed publicly unsafe.”

Council explored the idea of using bracing infrastructure, to offer limited use of the jetty but this was ruled out due to the severity of the degraded structure.

The next steps include:

• Based upon the comprehensive report and recommendations Council is currently not in a position to commission works to open the Westside Jetty.

• We are investigating the cost advantages of undertaking marine infrastructure enhancement works during the construction of the duplication of the Joy Baluch AM Bridge (while building equipment is active in the Spencer Gulf).

• Council is an active participant and initiator of the SA Jetty Strategic Plan.

• Marine infrastructure is a high-profile agenda item at all meetings with the Premier and Ministers.

• Over 2000 people from Port Augusta completed the recent SA Jetty Strategic Plan survey which has assisted with lobbying the State Government to provide initiatives and outcomes.

• We are advocating and lobbying the need for marine infrastructure works alongside community organisations and other government agencies.

Council will provide further updates on the city’s marine infrastructure in 2020.

Image Source: Pexels