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Whyalla Locals Can Expect Delays


Locals can expect delays in both Whyalla and Iron Knob due to increased trucking activity along Playford Avenue and the Iron Knob Road over the coming weeks.

As part of a one-off campaign to support project activities at the South Middleback Ranges operations, Ballast and gravel material are set to be transported, with up to 8 truck movements per day.

Another four trucks will transport gravel, with up to 12 truck movements per day over a 5-week period.

Motorists are asked to use extra caution whilst travelling in the both Whyalla and Iron Knob.

The following steps have been put in place to minimise environmental and safety impacts:

  • All loads being fully covered
  • Transporting material with very low fugitive‐dust potential
  • Trucks travelling in the right‐hand lane along Playford Avenue at no more than 40 km/hr
  • Avoiding travelling during the morning and afternoon school bus runs along the Iron Knob Road
  • Ceasing hauling under poor weather conditions to minimise material drag‐out and potential safety issues
  • Utilising an Environmental Management Plan and Fugitive Dust Ranking system
  • Clearly numbering trucks to allow easy identification by members of the public in the event of any concerns

Image Source: Pexels