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Father Of Kids Killed In Horror Crash Says It Was 'Deliberate'



The father of four children, killed in a crash near Kingaroy last month, believes their mother deliberately crashed the vehicle.  

The children aged between two and six were in a car driven by their mother, Charmaine Harris, when it collided head-on into a truck and burst into flames on the Kumbia Highway.  

The driver of the truck survived, but suffered burns trying to save the children.  

At the time, questions were asked around why Ms Harris was in the area when she was from Hervey Bay.  

That was before Police confirmed they had found a suicide note in her purse, which was thrown from the car.  

The children's parents had been separated for almost two years.  Dad to Ally, Matilda, Wyatt and Zaidok, James McLeod, told 9News he rarely saw the children.

He also admitted that they argued constantly about who the children should live with.  

“They were all that I lived for. Now I've just got nothing,” Mr McLeod told 9News.

“To be let down like this and to have my children returned back to me in urns is just the worst feeling I have ever endured.

“I'm just absolutely gutted that someone they trusted and loved could do that to them.

“I don’t know why she did this. It’s just a selfish, pointless act.”

In the lead up to her death, the children's mum claimed on Facebook that she was a victim of family violence.

Mr McLeod told 9news he was never violent with his family.

Police are continuing to investigate the crash.

If you need to talk phone Lifeline on 13 11 14.  

By Michelle Price