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Gatwick Drug Bust Turned Out To Be Vegan Cake Mix

Turns out soybean powder is as dangerous as most illicit substances on the black market.

Garwick airport recently reported a "huge drug bust" which ended up being just your garden variety vegan cake mix. 

According to reports by the Guardian, a staff member from a vegan pizzaria was stopped while attempting to transport a suitcase filled to the brim with blue bags of white powder. 

TBQH I can see why that was conspicuous.  

Funnily enough, this hasn't been the first time chefs and cooks have been stopped for suspicious substances in their bags. Even renouned baker, Mary Berry, has been pulled aside for her cake mix!

The Sussex branch of the British Transport Police have implored travellers to "please label foods and bring samples of cakes next time you visit", which I can totally understand.