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Top Snapper? Where To Find Them!

Snapper could be off the table soon, due to the Government considering imposing a fishing ban in order to increase numbers. 

This is being implemented as the snapper are a vital part of the South Australian ecosystem, and need to have strong numbers if we want to continue to fish them in future.

While we wait for the snappers to increase their school, where should we look to fish them?

Come with me on a virtual adventure of where you could find them. Not only could you find yourself a great fishing spot, it could also become your new favourite travel destination. 

The US of A

Namely Texas (Galveston), Alabama (Orange Beach), Louisiana (Venice), Mississippi (Biloxi and Gulfport) and Florida (Destin and Panama City). These are incredible hot spots for the red fish. The five US Gulf States are great, and offer not only brilliant fishing spots, but perfect tourist destinations in general. The dates of when you can fish are here, if you're keen to cast your reel while on your holiday. 


Maybe you'd like to holiday a little closer to home. It's also more affordable than travelling to the US! Snapper makes up 10% of Japan's fish and it is served on very special occasions. If you're prepared to set sail around the waters of South Japan you should be able to find yourself a good catch. They also swarm in waters nearby, around the Chesterfield Islands and New Caladonia. Snap up a fish, and a great beach snap at the same time!

Here's hoping our fishy friends increase their numbers so we can have them back on our tables soon.