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Taking Off In A Jetpack, Welcome To The Future



Something every kid always wants for Christmas, but somehow inexplicably receives Linx Africa or a candle. Not quite the same. 

The usual excuse is that jetpacks don't exist, Erin! But now they definitely do so I can not longer accept that as an excuse.

Jetman Dubai have recently done a ground to air take off, with this jetpack called the Jetwing going over a KM into the air.

They hit speeds of up to 400kms/hr and a max travel distance of 50kms. Might have to use that form of transport the next time I want to get to Quorn or Port Pirie.

They are yet to nail the landing, which is not something you want to hear after you strap yourself in and are already going 400kms/hr.

They currently have to parachute down. Sounds safe...